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Jan 16, 2013 4:00am PST
to sort it out. that being said, the plane is at the absolute extremities of technology. inevitable we would see some of these problems, and we have to find out which airlines, which are flying, and most important of all, what are the reasons for the faults? >> you know, as you started off by saying they are doing an evacuation on the tarmac, not exactly something that makes you feel good about the plane are you on. thank you, richard, appreciate it. >>> breaking news out of london this morning. the very latest on the fiery chopper crash that happened in the center of the city. >>> and lance armstrong apparently has confessed to doping in an interview with oprah winfrey. does that mean he could have sanctions reduced in the cycl c world? people say no. and john eustice, who says doping goes way beyond lance. >>> how long would you drive until you realized something was wrong with your gps directions. one woman ended up in another country. come on. that, coming up in a moment. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspi
Jan 18, 2013 4:00am PST
. >> there is also technology to lock the cap of an oxy couldn'ton bottcouldn't -- oxycontin drug so somebody can't take too much or take it off label. only can be opened at the time of dosing. there are some interesting technologies along the line. >> emergency room visits have doubled in the last two years. so it's a major issue, and it causes violence. and that's what we're trying to address. >> relates back to the gun violence issue. ray kelly, new york city police commissioner, nice to have you with us. >>> ahead, we'll take a look at what helped stocks reach some of the highest levels since the financial crisis. christine with that, next. officeyour business needs...k... at prices that keep you...out of the red. this week get a bonus $15 itunes gift card with any qualifying $75 ink purchase. find thousands of big deals now... at officemax. >>> welcome back. i'm christine romans, minding your business. u.s. markets had a great moment yesterday. s & p hit a five-year high. the highest level before the financial crisis. housing starts and jobless claims. s & p 500 has doubled. doubles since fe
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)